I’ve been floating.

When I started this blog, I got really excited about mastering food photography, and tried to take photos of my food almost every day. But, I struggle with exciting plating and props. And, I struggle to take photos of dinner, because I usually don’t start it early enough, and we’re all ready to eat by the time I’m done. And, let’s be real. It’s really hard to plate dinner beautifully! I have a new respect for those who can plate a humble dinner in a beautiful way.

And, I do have lots of hobbies.

No, this isn’t my goodbye, don’t worry.

It’s just a way of explaining that I have been away from my camera (though not away from the kitchen, to be sure!) and spending lots of time in my sewing room. I’ve been in my sewing room working on a couple of quilt projects.

And I’ve been sewing aprons.

Lots of aprons.

A few years ago, I made matching aprons for my sister-in-law and niece. She loves them! Since then, she’s had another daughter, and is expecting another one in September. She mentioned a while ago, hinting, really, that she would like another one for her youngest daughter (even before she found out she was pregnant…)

And help me, but when someone appreciates a gift I make, I can’t help but honor a request when they ask for an encore. I bought some cute fabric I found at Joanns, and while I was at the cutting table, reconsidered and asked for enough to make myself and Sous Chef one as well. I walked out with a lot of fabric, which is often overwhelming, honestly.

Months passed…we found out she was expecting again…then we found out she was expecting another girl…and I renewed my resolve to finish the aprons once and for all.

I finally did. It took hours; I thought making them all at the same time would streamline the process, but I don’t think it helped as much as I thought it would. But, that’s okay. I’m happy with how they turned out, and promptly boxed them up and shipped them off. apronWell. She loved them. I hope her girls like them. Because my Sous Chef does NOT like hers. Oh well. Three-year-olds are hard to please. Maybe someday she’ll embrace it, hopefully before she’s too big for it…


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