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Frog nog {Spinach Smoothie Recipe}

I think I am officially the last person to jump on the green smoothie bandwagon. I had such a hard time getting past the color for some reason…I suppose it doesn’t help that my friend calls it frog nog with her girls…it’s a clever sounding name, I’ll grant you, but it sure doesn’t sound appetizing to an adult.

But, I was desperate. After a week of birthday celebrations for Engineer, we just hadn’t eaten in enough to get through all the greens from our CSA. We still had a bagful of kale, and I needed to use it, pronto. I remembered seeing some green smoothie recipes in my Real Simple magazine from a few months back, and pulled it out. I made some minor adjustments based on what I had, and I threw caution to the wind. Or the blender, as it were.

ImageWhen it had come together, I tasted it. I could taste the bitter kale, and worried that Sous Chef would turn her nose up at it even though it wasn’t very strong. I added a frozen banana to try to mask the flavor. I’m not a big banana fan, so that was a real gamble for me. I poured myself and Sous Chef a glass, and she devoured it.

Absolutely devoured it.

And then asked for more! She drank two (kid-sized) cups full of kale smoothie, and I knew we had found a winner. I used the rest of the kale in smoothies throughout the week until Sous Chef complained of a sore mouth (the main fruit was pineapple…) and I ran out of kale. She begged for more, so I tried a variation on a different smoothie recipe from the Real Simple magazine and found a real winner. The kale smoothie had been easy enough to get down, but this spinach smoothie…now it was a treat! Continue reading


Going for Gluten Free {Chocolate Pavlova Recipe}

I find it so exciting when I stumble across gluten free recipes that are naturally just gluten free. I’ve mentioned before (and sure I will again…) that my mother has Celiac’s Disease and follows the gluten free diet. But, I’m sure most people know people who either have Celiac’s Disease or another disease that benefits from the gluten free diet. I’m so glad that there’s more awareness now because it makes it easier to find good recipes to cook and bake for my mom.

But, since she’s been diagnosed, I’ve noticed something. The more real you cook, the fewer problems you have with gluten. By real, I mean cooking with whole ingredients instead of highly processed ingredients. However real you cook, though, baking is a whole different ball game. So many desserts we rely on are carb-heavy: cakes, pies, cookies, oh my! So, when I find a delicious looking dessert that doesn’t have any gluten in it, I jump for joy! When we have family parties, I like to have dessert that everyone can enjoy, including my mom. chocolate pavlovaLast month, we planned a Mother’s Day dinner for the Saturday before, and I planned to make a gluten free chocolate cake roll I got from Smitten Kitchen. I’ve made it before, and we’ve all loved it. It’s simple, light, and airy. A few days before, however, I found this recipe for chocolate pavlova on Brown Eyed Baker. I mentioned it in passing to my mom, and she was really excited. “Let’s have that!” she exclaimed. Continue reading